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Quiz: Which Self-Care Shower Bundle Are You?

Quiz: Which Self-Care Shower Bundle Are You?

Eucalyptus, lavender, and the list of fragrant and fresh bundles you can add to rejuvenate your shower and home goes on. But have you ever wondered which bundle you had the most in common with? Or perhaps you're curious as to which Self-Care Shower bundle would suit you most. Take our light-hearted quiz to find out the answers to your questions! As you go, keep track of your most answered letter a, b, c, or d to find out your results at the end. 

1. When are you most likely to shower? 

A. morning or night; it depends on the day

B. first thing in the morning! 

C. right before bed

D. it depends, but usually in the evening

2. Where would you most like to travel?

A. Australia

B. France

C. Egypt 

D. Greece

3. Which shower do you prefer the most?

A. eucalyptus bundle in shower

B. rosemary mix bundle in shower

C. eucalyptus and lavender bundle in shower

D. myrtle bundle hanging in white shower

4. Which of the following skin issues is of the highest importance to you right now?

A. dryness or wrinkles

B. oiliness and swelling or puffiness

C. dark spots and discoloration

D. exfoliation

5. Which of the following do you find most appealing, based on taste and scent?

A. mint chocolate chip ice cream

B. wood-smoked chicken

C. herbal tea

D. lemon lollipop

6. Which bouquet do you find most aesthetically pleasing? 

A. woman in wedding dress holding bouquet

B. woman holding wedding bouquet

C. woman holding purple bouquet

D. Woman in wedding dress holding bouquet

7. What pets do you currently have?

A. I don't have any 

B. cats and dogs; you name it, I've got it or had it in the past!

C. I'm a dog person

D. I've got a cat!

8. Which value is most significant to you? 

A. Endurance

B. Remembrance or Nostalgia

C. Peace

D. Love

Get Your Results!

If you answered mostly A's, you are the original eucalyptus bundle.


You can be calmed or energized by showering with eucalyptus depending on the time of day you shower and you would enjoy visiting its native homeland of Australia. You will like its minty scent based on your preference for mint chocolate chip ice cream, and its steam will help to alleviate dry skin and combat wrinkles, among other benefits to your skin. Based on the images provided, you're likely to find eucalyptus aesthetically pleasing if you chose option A for your favorite showers and bouquets. As eucalyptus can have harmful effects on some pets, not having any pets allays this concern from your mind. Finally, eucalyptus is known for endurance due to the perseverance required of the plant to survive in its native conditions; this symbolism may inspire you to endure and push through to excellence just as the eucalyptus does. 


If you answered mostly B's, you are the rosemary bundle

Rosemary is known for invigorating you, so being a morning person is a best fit for this bundle. Rosemary's origins trace back to a variety of regions across the Mediterranean and Europe, but it is most closely connected in its use to France in modern times as it is one of the most popular herbs there. Rosemary is a popular herb used on many different entrées, particularly meats, so enjoying the scent of those items likely means you will appreciate its fresh, woodsy scent in your shower as well. If you chose option B for both of the image-based questions, you appreciate the look and texture of rosemary as well. Additionally, rosemary's properties assist in reducing oiliness and inflammation in your skin which can manifest through puffiness and/or swelling. As you are a pets person, rosemary is perfect for you as it is non-toxic for both cats and dogs (however, you may still want to check with your vet before feeding rosemary directly to them). Finally, rosemary symbolizes remembrance or nostalgia which is a value near and dear to your heart. In fact, it is often used in weddings as a symbol of fidelity as well as remembrance of past customs. 


If you answered mostly C's, you are the lavender bundle.

Lavender is best known for having a calming effect, so showering before bed is a routine that will fit well with that characteristic. It has been used for cleansing and purification purposes for centuries, dating back to early Egyptian rituals, so visiting Egypt would give you a chance to discover more uses of the plant. Its purple flowers shown in questions 3 and 6 distinguish it from other options and show that you gravitate towards its aesthetic. Lavender is also an anti-inflammatory and has been shown to reduce dark spots and other discolorations of the skin; as this was a high priority to you, lavender is a great fit to assist with those priorities. Lavender's floral yet herbal scent is found in a variety of teas, so if you enjoy the aroma of tea, you'll probably savor its scent in your shower or anywhere else around your house. Finally, lavender is safe for dogs but not cats, so having a dog is an ideal scenario for the use of lavender in your home. Lavender represents peace as it is a calming agent and works to bring serenity into its space, which is ideal for the person who wants their home to be a sanctuary.


If you answered mostly D's, you are the myrtle bundle.

Myrtle is great for stress relief, which is particularly helpful for a good night's sleep but is useful at any time. It is most tied to Greece, where it was the sacred flower of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. This also explains why it continues to represent love to this day. Because of this, it is often a staple part of wedding bouquets, including all British royalty! Its themes of love, marriage, and fertility have long appealed to the romantics at heart. 

If you had a mix of answer choices, congratulations, you're a mix of all of the above! Your results are most consistent with the aromatic sampler, which combines eucalyptus, lavender, and rosemary! 

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