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Is Eucalyptus Steam Good For My Skin?

Is Eucalyptus Steam Good For My Skin?

You may be aware of the myriad of benefits stemming from the use of eucalyptus in all its forms - from hanging some in your shower to having a bottle of its essential oils to using the leaves in a kitchen table centerpiece. These include general benefits such as having anti-inflammatory properties and providing calming aromatherapy effects such as reducing blood pressure, stress, and anxiety. However, eucalyptus can also be a valuable weapon in your skincare arsenal, providing relief for acne and dry skin while also reducing wrinkles and more. 

Eucalyptus bundle hanging over shower head

How do I make a eucalyptus steam?

There are several ways to go about creating eucalyptus steam. The first and easiest way is to hang a eucalyptus bundle over your shower and breathe in the steam from the shower that mingles with the oils being released from the eucalyptus leaves while you bathe. For best and most long-lasting results, hang the eucalyptus bundle over your showerhead away from the direct stream of water as overhydration will remove the scent from the eucalyptus more quickly and decrease the amount of use you get out of it over time. 

A secondary way to form eucalyptus steam involves using a bottle of eucalyptus essential oil and a bowl of hot water. You should fill the bowl with hot, steamy water and drop one to two drops of the essential oil into the water. Then draw your face near to the emerging steam and breathe in and out until it dissipates. For extra targeting of the steam toward your face, you can consider putting a towel around your head to divert the steam towards yourself and not into the general direction of the room and air flow. 

Woman in sauna

A third option is a sauna! While it may not be as easily accessible as the prior two options, it can provide all-encompassing steam for as long of a duration as you like rather than coming from one zone only. Simply add eucalyptus to the airflow and soak in the steamy, minty scent. 

(Aside from skincare, eucalyptus steam can strongly benefit congestion which is something a lot of us need right now as pollen allergies hit their stride this spring!)

Can eucalyptus steam help with acne?

Eucalyptus’ anti-inflammatory properties through compounds such as eucalyptol help to cleanse and revitalize the skin. Since acne often forms when pores are clogged, excess oil is produced, or bacterial infections exist, the cleansing properties of the eucalyptus can help resolve acne breakouts by stopping zits at the root cause. Eucalyptus antiseptic components can help ease bacterial infections while also purifying the pores, thus easing two key causes of acne. Additional causes of acne are stress and hormonal imbalances; while eucalyptus has been shown to lower stress levels, it is not equipped to reduce acne due to hormonal imbalances. However, taking care of other foundational causes of acne will only help your skin overall. 

Specifically, eucalyptus contains gamma-terpenine which is known to fight against the Propionebacterium acnes, which are some of the most common bacterial perpetrators of acne breakouts. For more information on how that process works, check out this article from AcneTreatment Online. 

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Can eucalyptus steam help with wrinkles?

Whether you’re looking for wrinkle reduction, prevention, or something in the middle, eucalyptus steam could be just the thing for you! It has anecdotally been shown to lighten and tighten the skin. Essentially, that means it is an effective means for combatting dark spots and wrinkles as well as skin fatigue and aging over time. While it’s not a wonder drug by any means, your skin will likely feel much fresher after absorbing eucalyptus steam into its pores. 

For more direct benefits for wrinkles, you may want to consider a skincare product that uses eucalyptus as a key ingredient. This will provide a more concentrated focus on the wrinkle-reduction or removal aspect of the process and will likely lead to quicker results. However, one cannot deny the presence of key anti-inflammatory components in the steam itself such as eucalyptol, also known as cineole, which reduces the causes of wrinkles at the root by taming your face and rejuvenating the skin.

Can eucalyptus steam help with dry skin?

It may sound too good to be true, but eucalyptus steam can also help moisturize your dry skin to achieve a more revitalized look and feel. This effect occurs twofold. 

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First, steam naturally moisturizes your skin, even without eucalyptus or anything else present. Steam increases your skin’s permeability which better prepares it to receive other skincare products and respond optimally to them. The water content present in the steam can also hydrate and moisturize your skin, and we all know that moisturization is important for any skincare routine, but particularly for those of us who struggle with dry skin.

Secondly, eucalyptus leaves can stimulate production of ceramide. Ceramides are a type of fatty acid that support the moisture barrier in your skin. By containing macrocarpal A, eucalyptus helps increase your ceramide production which in turn increases your skin’s water-holding capacity and reduces symptoms of dry skin such as itching, peeling, and even dandruff on your scalp. 

How else can eucalyptus steam impact my skin?

Beyond helping with acne, wrinkles, and dry skin, eucalyptus has several more amazing benefits for your skin.

It has been shown to aid in reducing eczema by reducing the overproduction of the COZ-2 enzyme which is influential in producing the eczema in the first place with the natural anti-inflammatory components of eucalyptus. 

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Eucalyptus steam can also help reduce oily skin by deep cleansing pores which helps to halt overproduction of oils in the skin. Compounds present in the eucalyptus also help to regulate the sebum production, also known as the oil compounds in skin. 

According to the National Institute of Health, eucalyptus oil has also been shown to reduce allergic reactions in skin and fight against such common skin conditions such as allergic dermatitis. 

And these are only scratching the surface of the benefits that eucalyptus steam can have on your skin and overall health! While the smell of eucalyptus is certainly beneficial enough on its own, it also pairs well with other calming and earthy aromas such as lavender and rosemary which offer their own unique benefits.You can explore combination bundles such as the lavender and eucalyptus bundle or the rosemary and eucalyptus option. You may choose to rotate through these scents every few months to keep things lively in your bathroom or you may want to try a combination or pairing of these fragrances. No matter what you choose, you can bring the winsome scent of eucalyptus into your bathroom with a Self-Care Shower eucalyptus bundle, sustainably hand-picked and grown in the United States!

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