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What Essential Oils Are Safe to Use Around Pets?

What Essential Oils Are Safe to Use Around Pets? With more than 2/3 of American households containing a pet and 1/3 of households worldwide, pets are a central part of life. Clearly, pets are increasingly part of life for a majority of Americans, which is why it is important to examine the impacts of essential oils on our furry friends. You may have heard varying opinions on the topic of using essential oils around or on pets or perhaps you have never given it much thought. Either way, it's an important subject to consider in context with the myriad of benefits that essential oils provide to humans


Self-Care and the Holidays

Self-Care and the Holidays Today marks the beginning of the two-week period stretching from the week before Christmas to just after New Years Day. This time period is often fraught with family visits, gatherings, and a departure from your normal routine in favor of special holiday traditions. So, how can you maintain your self-care routine between various holiday gatherings, breaks, and family time? Here are a few ideas that have helped me and those around me.