Self-Care Shower


it's what we do

Family Owned
And no plans on changing that

Sustainable Practices
And no plans on changing those either

Humble Beginnings

We started with one goal: how can we share the amazing eucalyptus aesthetic and aroma to all of our friends and family in the USA.

Humble Beginnings

One thing lead to another and, while we have grown, we still stick to our roots; we hand bundle each bunch and pack every order with care.

Rooted In The Earth

Giving back to the land that gives us our livelihood is our top priority.

Rooted In The Earth

From solar power and farm made compost, to using our own reclaimed water for our eucalyptus, Self-Care Shower is steadfast in the belief that sustainable is the only way forward.


Of solar panel frames around our farm


Farm Made Compost Center


Water Reclaimation Areas


of happy customers

It's In The Name

Not just our ecosystem, but every person too. Care is our focus.

It's In The Name

Self-Care or Care for the environment, either way, Self-Care Shower was created to be a small reminder to take time for yourself and the environment. Remember to spend time on Self-Care!

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