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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

It's officially December which means that the gift-giving season is in full-swing. Whether you just have a couple more folks to check off your list or have yet to start brainstorming, Self-Care Shower is here with eight carefully curated gift idea to please everyone on your list! 

Eucalyptus Bundle

Is there someone in your life who has never experienced the magic of a eucalyptus bundle in their shower? If so, the tried-and-true original eucalyptus bundle gift is the perfect option! A fresh-picked gift that will last up to a month, they'll be thinking of you for weeks after the fact each time they smell that fresh, minty eucalyptus scent. Disclaimer: you may get them hooked on the joys of hanging fresh eucalyptus in the shower. 

Shower Self-Care Affirmation Cards

Is there someone in your life who needs a little extra reminder to boost their confidence and self-love because they are seriously awesome? Then look no farther than this gift option which features an innovative way to display affirmations.

The Shower Self-Care Affirmation Cards are adhesive affirmation cards that stick to surfaces such as the bathroom mirror or shower tiles and provide important reminders such as "I am smart, capable, and talented" to improve the reader's self-confidence and love. Best of all, they are easily removable AND reusable as they stick with water and are removed the same way. This set of 20 cards is the perfect gift this holiday season and will provide a tangible reminder of your care for your loved one.

If you're pondering this gift idea, don't wait too long! Order by December 15th to receive by Christmas Day. 

Self-Care Gift Kit

This one says it all in the name! It's the perfect gift package for that person in your life who gives so much to others and deserves all the self-care. Gift a self-care night in a box to show them that you recognize their hard work and efforts.

This self-care gift package includes:

- a bottle of lavender essential oil to create a calming atmosphere and reduce those stress levels

- a bar of aromatic lavender soap with organic shea butter for a relaxing bath experience

- a champagne candle including a rose quartz rock to complete the atmosphere

Don't you feel more relaxed just thinking about taking a bath with your lavender soap, essential oils, and a champagne-scented candle burning in the background? This is a great option for your friend or relative who really just wants a night in to relax and rejuvenate in the midst of a hectic holiday season.

2023 Self-Care Journal Calendar

2022 is rapidly approaching and that means that it's the perfect time to purchase a 2023 calendar for the organization-lover in your life. The Self-Care Shower calendar goes above and beyond with a simple, clean, and aesthetically pleasing design AND 4 monthly built-in refection prompts centered around 1 quote to keep you grounded each month of the year. 

With fresh new designs for each month and its ideal size of 11 inches tall, this calendar is perfect for a home or office setting and will no doubt make your friend or relative the envy of their acquaintances. Combine self-care and encouragement with an easy-to-read calendar for a present that's sure to be a hit! 

The Sampler Bundle

Perfect for the shower bundle aficionado in your life, this sampler bundle combines the best of Self-Care Shower's offerings into one impressive aromatic experience. 

It includes three of our popular bundles combined into one powerful package: 

- rosemary

- eucalyptus

- lavender

Arriving with fresh rosemary and eucalyptus along with dried lavender bundles, you'll get the treat of putting your own touch on your gift recipient's bundle by combining the three lovely plants into one gorgeous bundle (don't worry, we make it easy by including the twine). This gift is definitely one for the books and will wow even the friend who has it all! 

Self-Care Workbook

This one is perfect for your self-improvement minded friend, coworker, or family member! The New Year is just around the corner and with it comes lots of well-intentioned resolutions to finally make time for oneself. The Self-Care Digital Workbook offers a simple 30-day road map to taking your self-care to the next level. Through a variety of journaling prompts, science-backed exercises, and readings, it provides a concrete framework and guide to help put those lofty new year's resolutions into practice. Plus, it's digital so it's easily accessible anywhere and you won't have to pay for postage! Bonus! 

Lavender Soap

Whether you're looking for a stocking stuffer, something small for a white elephant party or have a soap connoisseur for a friend, our cold processed lavender soap with organic shea butter is a great go-to. When it comes to our soap, you don't have to worry about sulfates, parabens, preservatives, or petroleum products because our products are made with sustainable and transparent ingredients that you'll feel comfortable giving to those you love. Plus, they'll love how soft their skin feels and how delicious it smells after using it for the first time! 

You can't go wrong with some healthy, sustainable lavender soap to spice up everyone's washing routine, not to mention how pretty the purple-hued soap will look on the bathroom or kitchen counter. After all, practicality is fun when it smells and feels good! 

Self-Care Shower Gift Card

There are some people who are just too hard to shop for or perhaps you know someone who seems to simply have it all. In those cases, you can't go wrong with a Self-Care Shower e-gift card that leaves them with all the choices. Ranging from amounts of $30-$100, you can express your love by giving them the opportunity to treat themself with the Self-Care Shower product they've always dreamed of. 

Whatever you choose, keep Self-Care Shower's many options in mind as you complete your holiday shopping. There's something for everyone from soap, candles, and bundles to calendars, affirmation cards, and self-care workbooks - and so much more. We can't wait to see what you choose this holiday season!

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