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Why You Should Put Eucalyptus in Your Shower

Why You Should Put Eucalyptus in Your Shower

Whether you know it as the plant loved by koala bears or as a part of your essential oils lineup, eucalyptus is rapidly growing in popularity. After all, even Martha Stewart is promoting this craze! From being part of table centerpieces to a small sprig by the bedside, eucalyptus is becoming more and more a part of daily life in many households. However, the shower has also become an increasingly popular place to indulge in the luxurious scent of eucalyptus and all its benefits. Whether you learned about this trend from social media or from visiting a friend or family member’s bathroom over the holidays, read on to find out what the hype is all about.

eucalyptus bundle affixed around showerhead

What will eucalyptus add to my shower?

Besides being a trendy addition to your bathroom, you may be wondering what purpose eucalyptus actually serves in your shower and why of all places the shower should be its resting place. First of all, eucalyptus leaves release their crisp, minty, and aromatherapeutic fragrance when met with steam which makes the shower the perfect place to naturally diffuse the relaxing scent. Not only is it a space you inhabit fairly often and therefore can enjoy the scent but the shower’s steam uniquely allows the eucalyptus bundle to organically liberate its fragrance over time. 

The most noticeable impact of putting eucalyptus in your shower is its enticing minty scent with a slight punch of honey. Found by most to be a calming and revitalizing scent, this is the ideal fragrance for your bathroom. Not only can it overcome and reduce unpleasant odors in your bathroom, it can make a difference in your shower experience with its calming properties either by improving your outlook on the day during a morning shower or helping you wind down after a long day with a warm evening shower. 

woman drying off after relaxing shower

Additionally, adding a eucalyptus bundle to your shower creates an inviting spa-like atmosphere in the space. Between its refreshing scent and pleasing aesthetic, adding eucalyptus to your shower will elevate your showering experience and establish a relaxing environment for your daily showers at a much lower cost (financially and time-wise) than physically visiting a spa.

What are the benefits of having eucalyptus in your shower?

The pluses of adding eucalyptus to your shower go far beyond having a pleasing aroma and hopping on the latest trends. Eucalyptus has been shown to have medicinal properties that bring about both physical and mental health benefits. 

Eucalyptus has antiseptic properties.

Yep, you read that right! Eucalyptus is capable of cleansing the air around it and eliminating germs, bacteria, and harmful microorganisms that could potentially lead to illness. Although this trait is more evident in more concentrated versions of eucalyptus rather than the leaves one hangs in a shower, it still provides a level of protection and antibacterial support in its existence. Eucalyptus leaves have been shown to be invaluable in helping ease cold, flu, and pneumonia symptoms along with any other illnesses that produce respiratory responses. Therefore, taking a shower with eucalyptus present can help clear congestion and open up your sinuses by eliminating mucus when the leaves are paired with steam (aka when you take a shower) which makes a huge difference when you are feeling under the weather!

For extra benefit from eucalyptus, you can also consider using a eucalyptus essential oil based cream or the direct essential oil for more targeted remedies. Especially in this time of cold and flu season along with the Covid-19 pandemic, the antiseptic properties of eucalyptus can go a long way in granting you peace of mind.

woman practices yoga with dog and eucalyptus in background

Eucalyptus is shown to lower stress, anxiety, and blood pressure. 

As the winter blues and work stressors build up this month, eucalyptus could help to relieve some of those worries. By decreasing the activity of your sympathetic nervous system, which promotes stress reactions, while activating your parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes relaxation and calming reactions, the eucalyptus fragrance can significantly reduce stress and anxiety. In a world where stress and anxiety levels only continue to rise, putting eucalyptus in your shower might be just what you need to add a little peace into your life. 

The reduction in blood pressure thanks to eucalyptus goes hand-in-hand with the decrease in stress and anxiety. As stress and anxiety are two of the factors most likely to increase blood pressure to unhealthy levels, their return to normal levels also aids blood pressure in returning to regular numbers which can help avoid a slew of medical problems ranging from strokes to heart attacks and more.

How can I hang eucalyptus in my shower?  

Now that you have read about the impressive benefits of eucalyptus from its amazing smell to its physical and mental restorative properties, you may want to know how to best add eucalyptus to your shower today. The easiest way to add it to your shower would be to obtain one of our original eucalyptus bundles to hang over your showerhead. However, before you hang up your bundle, there are a few steps of preparation you should take first. 

1. Trim the ends of the eucalyptus stems. 

Just like you would do with a bouquet of flowers, trimming the stems a modest amount - such as one inch - can help your eucalyptus bundle to last as long as possible. This reinvigorates the leaves and provides a fresh opening for them to intake water and nutrients through.

2. Place the bundle in cool water overnight. 

Now that the stems are freshly trimmed, you want your plant to be able to drink in as much water as possible before it heads to the shower. Make sure that you place only the stems and not the entire bundle in the water overnight. 

3. Roll out the eucalyptus leaves. 

By gently rolling out the eucalyptus leaves with a rounded object, you will give the plant a headstart on releasing its essential oils. This may leave your hands sticky, so be prepared!

woman rolls out eucalyptus leaves with rounded object

Now, you are ready to hang your bundle in the shower. Do your best to balance it over the showerhead and out of direct water flow if possible. Coming into contact with water will shorten the lifespan of your bundle over time.

It is important to note that having a eucalyptus bundle is definitely not the only way to incorporate its aroma into your shower. You can also consider our bath salt pouch, a pouch filled with smelling salts along with eucalyptus leaves that will require less prep work or even a vase of eucalyptus near your shower to provide a similar effect. There are many options when it comes to adding eucalyptus to your showering experience.

What other scents might go well in my shower?

Eucalyptus is a great scent to choose to add to your shower; however, you may be the adventurous type of person who wants to mix and match your fragrances for the most luxurious shower experience possible. Additional self-care shower products such as pure lavender bundles offer exciting prospects for your bathing experience with their fresh and clean scents and unique benefits.

You can also explore combination bundles such as the lavender and eucalyptus bundle or the rosemary and eucalyptus option. You may choose to rotate through these scents every few months to keep things lively in your bathroom or you may want to try a combination or pairing of these fragrances.

At Self-Care Shower, we offer everything from eucalyptus bath pouches to bundles made with your showerhead in mind. The choices are endless! Treat yourself to the gracious scent of eucalyptus permeating your showering experience and enjoy all of the benefits that come from being in its presence by incorporating eucalyptus into your bathroom today.

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