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What Kind of Eucalyptus Should I Use in My Shower?

What Kind of Eucalyptus Should I Use in My Shower?

You’ve heard all about the benefits of adding eucalyptus to your shower, from improving your mood to lowering stress to easing congestion to simply adding a pleasant fragrance. Now, you’re ready to take the next step and add eucalyptus into your bathroom. 

Once you begin looking into it though, you will likely realize that there are a multitude of options to choose from for your eucalyptus. There are many varieties of eucalyptus, and then there is fresh vs. dried eucalyptus and so many more decisions to make. 

Today, let's start with the basics and work through the myriad of eucalyptus types to find the right one for your bathroom!

What are the different types of eucalyptus?

While there are over 700 varieties of eucalyptus trees in total, there are several dominant tree types that you will likely come across. While the eucalyptus tree is native to Australia, many of the varieties can be grown across the globe, including here in the United States where Self-Care Shower grows its fresh eucalyptus! Most of the popular eucalyptus varieties used for your shower will be of the tree variety as opposed to the shorter and bushier mallee varieties.

eucalyptus forest

Within the eucalyptus tree category there are many additional options. These include the Tasmanian Blue Gum (one of the most common worldwide), the Southern Blue Gum, the Silver Dollar, the Silver Drop, and the Sugar Gum Tree, just to name a few. For more information on the many types of eucalyptus, check out this handy guide from The Leafy Place on the many varieties of eucalyptus trees.

The other decision between types that you will likely be faced with is the choice between fresh, dried and preserved eucalyptus. Let's go ahead and break down that terminology. 

Fresh eucalyptus refers to eucalyptus that is bought fresh from the farm and typically has the most scent and vibrant leaves. However, as it is a fresh plant cutting, it will dry up the fastest and also require the most care. 

Dried eucalyptus is eucalyptus branches that have been cut and hung to dry in a warm, dark location for several weeks. The reasoning behind drying them out is to make them last longer as well as make it easier to store. It will last longer than fresh eucalyptus but the leaves will most likely be browner and more brittle. 

Finally, preserved eucalyptus is dyed and preserved through the use of glycerin. This is done in order to maintain its shape and fragrance for a longer time than would be possible naturally and means that its leaves won't shrivel nearly as easily as the other two options; however, the dye can sometimes rub off on the surface where it is placed which is important to keep in mind.

What type of eucalyptus is most fragrant?

In general, fresh eucalyptus bundles offer the most fragrant scent out of all the eucalyptus options, regardless of variety. This is because they are fresh-picked and have spent the least amount of time away from the eucalyptus tree itself. 

hand holding fresh eucalyptus branch

What type of eucalyptus is the most long-lasting?

In general, preserved eucalyptus will last the longest. This is because it has been treated with glycerin or other chemicals as well as dyes that give the branches extra ability to maintain their earlier appearance and scent. However, this scent only remains for at most a couple of months before dissipating and becoming more of a decorative arrangement than a scented bundle. Additionally, the preserved eucalyptus may survive for an even shorter period of time in your shower where it will constantly be exposed to moisture that will wear down its preservatives and can even release the dyes soaked into it onto your shower walls. However, in other settings such as dry and shaded areas of your house, preserved eucalyptus can keep its appearance for up to years with its scent withdrawing after a month or two. 

dried eucalyptus hanging in shower

Dried and fresh eucalyptus both last for roughly 3-4 weeks in the shower before you will notice a decrease in both the scent and appearance of your bundle.

Therefore, in terms of scent, there is not a wide discrepancy between the three ways of displaying eucalyptus. The main difference is in appearance; preserved eucalyptus will look the nicest for the longest period of time but all three will hold their scent in the shower for roughly the same length of time. 

Which type of eucalyptus will work best in my shower?

It's important to consider the conditions of your shower and bathroom as you decide what kind of eucalyptus to introduce into that environment. You are most likely looking for eucalyptus with a strong, fresh scent that is aesthetically pleasing while also looking for something that lasts as long as possible to save you the money and hassle of replacing it all the time. So, what type of eucalyptus fits the bill?

Luckily for you, nearly all eucalyptus varieties that are commonly sold in stores and online have fairly similar shelf lives, as long as they are grown and cared for properly. This means that you get to pick the variety you are interested in based on its scent and branch appearance rather than a concern over how long a specific variety will last in your bathroom. 

eucalyptus bundle hanging off showerhead

Now that you have chosen the eucalyptus variety of your choosing, it's time to figure out whether you want a fresh, dried, or preserved eucalyptus bundle. A dried bundle can work well as the moisture of the shower will help to release its moisture; however, it will not have quite as strong a scent as a fresh eucalyptus bundle. In showers, a fresh eucalyptus bundle is typically the best option as it provides a lovely, woodsy, and clean scent for up to a month as well as coming with newly-harvested leaves and stems that can easily be trimmed and cared for to extend their lifespan. Considering the amount of moisture that this bundle will be exposed to, a fresh bundle is your best bet for a lasting scent and aesthetically-pleasing arrangement to grace your shower. 

How do I add eucalyptus to my shower? 

You've made a decision on which type of eucalyptus to invest in to enhance your showering experience; congratulations! Now it's just time for the easy part: installing your eucalyptus in your shower. There are a few easy steps to take with a fresh eucalyptus bundle to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible. 

  1. Trim the ends of the eucalyptus stems. 

Just like you would do with a bouquet of flowers, trimming the stems a modest amount - such as one inch - can help your eucalyptus bundle to last as long as possible. This reinvigorates the leaves and provides a fresh opening for them to intake water and nutrients through. 

  1. Place the bundle in cool water overnight. 

Now that the stems are freshly trimmed, you want your plant to be able to drink in as much water as possible before it heads to the shower. Make sure that you place only the stems and not the entire bundle in the water overnight. 

hand using round object to roll out eucalyptus leaves

  1. Roll out the eucalyptus leaves. 

By gently rolling out the eucalyptus leaves with a rounded object, you will give the plant a headstart on releasing its essential oils. This may leave your hands sticky, so be prepared!

Now, you are ready to hang your bundle in the shower. Do your best to balance it over the showerhead and out of direct water flow if possible. Coming into contact with water will shorten the lifespan of your bundle over time.

At Self-Care Shower, we offer a wide variety of options in eucalyptus bundles for your shower ranging from the original eucalyptus bundle to other scents such as fresh myrtle and a fresh eucalyptus and rosemary combinationNo matter what you choose, you can refresh your bathroom with a Self-Care Shower bundle, sustainably hand-picked and grown in the United States!

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