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What Are Shower Steamers?

What Are Shower Steamers? Picture this: your eucalyptus bundle is hanging over your shower head and you have picked a few affirmation cards to attach to your shower tiles to fill your shower with some extra empowerment and inspiration. As you prepare to step into the shower, you drop a shower steamer into the rising steam as you wait for the water to warm up. Wait, what's a shower steamer? 


How to Find Time to Take Care of Myself

How to Find Time to Take Care of Myself I'd like to argue - and research supports the idea - that productivity and self-care are two sides of the same coin. Without self-care that helps you to recharge your batteries, you won't be as productive when it comes time to work. As we all work to be the best versions of ourselves, let's explore some ways to help productivity and self-care coexist. 


How to Use Affirmation Cards

How to Use Affirmation Cards As we settle into 2023, perhaps you are still searching for a solid New Years' resolution. After all, we are barely a week into the new year. Or maybe you don't get into the New Year's resolutions hype. Either way, it's always a good goal to build yourself up, especially when starting a new year. Daily affirmations and encouraging notes can help you to do just that. Here are a few tips breaking down how to add affirmations into your life effectively in 2023! 


How Can I Use Eucalyptus to Decorate?

How Can I Use Eucalyptus to Decorate? While eucalyptus has long been lauded for its amazing scent and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere in the bathroom, it has so many other amazing purposes. One of these is its versatility in decorating! During this holiday season, many of us are having more guests than usual from hosting Christmas parties to having extended family coming for gatherings and so much more. It's always fun to find some new ways to spice up your home with fresh decorating ideas and today we'll be diving into how to do just that with one of the easiest and freshest tools: eucalyptus!