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Why Should I Use Bath Salts?

Why Should I Use Bath Salts?

Whether you have heard of bath salts from an old movie or seen them online, there's probably a few things you're curious about. Maybe you're wondering what benefits bath salts can bring to you or what lavender or eucalyptus could add to the equation. Keep reading to learn more about bath salt soaks and the important role they can play in your bathroom!

What are bath salts?

For starters, you'll need to understand what bath salts are. In the context of this article, they are made of epsom salt which releases magnesium and sulfate ions in the bathwater that are absorbed into your skin during your bathing experience. Epsom salt was discovered in the 1600s in a town near London and has been used for various health benefits ever since. Primarily containing magnesium sulfate, epsom salt has many uses, but today, it is most popular in baths. 

Disclaimer: if you google bath salts, you'll likely find information on illegal drugs; don't be confused, epsom salt based bath salts are not drugs! They just happen to share a nickname with a highly addictive class of drug made out of synthetic cathinones. 

What are the benefits of bath salts? 

Bath salts offer a variety of benefits, ranging from relieving aches and pains to treating constipation and more. Let's dive into the science behind each one. 

Bath salts can help with constipation. 

When first discovered, epsom salt was used primarily as a laxative to assist with constipation. This is due to its magnesium composition. Centuries ago, People would go to Surrey, England, for miles around to drink the epsom salt water to solve this medical issue until the epsom salt wells dried up in the early 1700s. While it's not one of the most glamorous uses, it is important to know about. After all, epsom salt is an FDA-approved laxative

Bath salts can improve sleep and reduce stress. 

Magnesium is a main compound of bath salts and having enough magnesium in your system is critical to proper sleep as well as managing your stress. Many people do not get enough magnesium in their daily nutritional intake. Therefore,  bath salts can be a much-needed source of magnesium. 

On a basic level, magnesium helps your body produce neurotransmitters that reduce stress. This relaxation can help you to sleep more easily. Additionally, early research has linked magnesium to increasing the production of melatonin. There is significant anecdotal evidence as well that using bath salts before sleeping improves overall sleep quality. If you're one of the nearly 33% of Americans who don't get enough sleep or have high-quality sleep, this could be one solution!

Bath salts can improve muscle pain and soreness. 

Whether it's from sitting at a desk all day or going too hard at the gym, it's easy to have sore muscles by the end of the day. Although soaking in a warm bath is always a good solution to muscle pain, epsom salt can add an additional layer of relief. Magnesium has been shown to help your body absorb glucose and lactic acid, both important parts of improving tense muscles. 

Additionally, epsom salt has been anecdotally claimed to help patients with fibromyalgia and arthritis by providing relief for their symptoms. Additional research still needs to be done to confirm how and why these symptoms are alleviated by epsom salt, but it is an important and encouraging potential additional benefit of using bath salts!

What are the types of bath salts? 

As with any product, there are multiple types of the same broader product. Some are basic epsom salts while others have additional compounds added in. At Self-Care Shower, we offer both lavender bath salt soak packs as well as eucalyptus bath salt soak packs. 

These specialty packs offer you the choice of scent in your bath as well as the opportunity to decide which plant would benefit you most. 

The lavender bath salt soak option offers the benefits of a regular bath salt pack as well as the added benefits of lavender which includes improved sleep quality, anti-inflammatory properties, and easing breathing issues, among other benefits. You'll also get more of a lavender scent with this option than the fairly neutral epsom salt odor. You can read more about the benefits of lavender in this previous blog post. 

When it comes to eucalyptus, the bath salt soak pack offers the benefits of eucalyptus as well as its signature clean and fresh scent. Eucalyptus has also been shown to lower stress and blood pressure, to be useful as an antiseptic, and to have a variety of skin benefits. For more information on the impact of eucalyptus on your skin, check out this article. 

No matter what type of bath salt you choose based on your individual needs and preferences, you'll be giving yourself a treat with each bath you take as you sink into your epsom salt-water and enjoy the magnesium benefits. 

How do I use bath salts?

Before ending, it's important to talk about how to use your bath salts. After all, knowing all about the benefits doesn't do you much good if you aren't sure how to utilize the product! Luckily, bath salt soak packs are pretty easy to use.

Once receiving your bath salt soak pack, simply unpack it and hang it somewhere for easy access within your bathroom. If you've gotten the eucalyptus or lavender packages, you'll enjoy the pleasing scent within your bathroom even when not using your bath salt soak in the moment. When you're ready to bathe, place the bath salt soak pack into the bath water and allow the water to absorb its calming compounds. Then you're all set to enjoy your bath! 

At Self-Care Shower, we are excited to offer a variety of bundles from the classic eucalyptus bundles to bath salt soak packs and so much more. Be sure to explore our website to find out about more of our products and learn more about our sustainable company with all plants grown and picked in the U.S.! 

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