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Waxflower Pre-Sale | New Purple & Pink | April Monthly Flower



Waxflower is now in season! Order Cut Off (April 21st at midnight) 

Have you ever seen a flower that just lights up a room? That's the magic of our pink and purple waxflowers! Paired with fresh eucalyptus, these little blooms radiate joy and charm.

Their brilliant shades of pink and purple are nature's gentle reminder to take a moment and appreciate the beauty around us. Thinking of gifting a touch of nature's charm to someone special? Or perhaps you're looking to add a bit of tranquility to your own space? Our waxflower and eucalyptus bouquet is the perfect pick for November.

So, don't miss out! Add a splash of color and a hint of serenity to any setting with these delightful flowers. 🌸🍃

In The Box:

1x Hanging Ribbon

1x Hydration Pack

1x Fresh Wax flower Flower Bouquet

1x (optional) Gift Note, add this to your cart, then add your note on the cart page


Care Instructions:

Trim the end of the waxflower steam and add to a vase with water for longevity, or bundle together with the eucalyptus. Waxflower may go better in a vase so more flowers bloom on it, but either vase or shower will work!