Self-Care Shower

Shower Steamers | Eucalyptus Mint


Feel the energy as shower steam scented with mint and eucalyptus flow around you. Our shower steamers bring the aromatherapy spa right in your own shower. Simply place the steamer on the shower floor, turn on the water, and the aroma is immediate. Our shower steamers are a perfect gift, or a perfect way to end your day.



  • Very Aromatic, May be too strong for some users
  • 10 Foil Wrapped Steamers
  • Essential Oil Powered
  • Eucalyptus and Mint Aroma
  • Long lasting 20+ minutes of aroma
  • Amazing Gift

Instructions and Ideas:

  • Unwrap shower steamer and place near shower drain
  • Turn on warm water
  • The aroma from the steamer should start to fill the shower
  • Re-position the steamer if needed, less in the water if the aroma is too strong or more in the warm water if it is too weak.
  • Try adding to a plate on the counter for to use as a general air freshener