Self-Care Shower

Bath Essential Oil Pouches | 3 Pack



Transform your car, living room, shower,  or bathroom (anywhere, really) into a serene spa with our eucalyptus 3 packs! We get right to work when you order, snipping fresh eucalyptus leaves and adding a touch of essential oils for the perfect aromatic mix. The three pack allows for you to try a bundle in your living room as well as your shower and have an amazing aroma all around your house. Guests will be asking how you do it! Try our essential oil infused eucalyptus shower bundles today for an amazing aromatic experience.

Tip: Add a bundle to your dresser and keep your clothes fresh!

Note: Contains essential oils 


  • Made to order!
  • Lasts for multiple showers and even longer around the house
  • All-natural eucalyptus
  • For best results in the shower, do not place directly under water, but instead allow the shower steam to release the aroma.