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Gifts for Bathroom Renovation

Gifts for Bathroom Renovation

Most people are familiar with the custom of giving gifts to mark milestone events such as high school or college graduations, weddings, and the birth of children. After all, bridal showers and baby showers are ingrained parts of our culture. Another type of gift-giving event to mark a major life transition is known as the housewarming gift. These are small, practical, often personalized gifts that are customarily given to an individual or family when moving into a new home. Many people will have a small housewarming party in which they invite their friends and family members into their new place for the first time; in return, the guests typically bring a small gift.


All of these traditions are well-established in our culture; however, in recent years, there has been a push to increasingly celebrate other milestones that have traditionally been sidelined in society with gifts and 'showers.' Some examples include celebrating a business launch, completing a graduate degree, or starting a job in a new field. More and more people are having parties to celebrate these exciting events in their life, and more often than not, guests to these parties are showering their loved ones with gifts in order to express their support. 

While this trend may seem simple on the surface, it points to a broader trend that is sweeping across America right now: celebrating and romanticizing our everyday lives. Why not celebrate something that someone has worked for and put time and effort into even if it isn't one of the three or four traditional celebratory events within our lifetimes? With this idea has come a wide variety of reasons to celebrate the little things in life and one of these just might be a home renovation.


Now, this isn't to say that everyone should have a party because they finished remodeling their bathroom. However, anyone who has done even minor renovations and updating within their space knows that it is a lot more time and work than one bargains for at the start. Whether you're a DIY champ or have your contractor on speed-dial, the completion of a home renovation project is sure to leave you feeling both satisfied and exhausted. That's where friends and family can step in to help you salute a job well done! 

If you have someone in your life who has just completed a bathroom renovation (or maybe it's you!), let's dive into some tips on a few simple yet special gifts to give to elevate their fresh bathroom space even more. 


pothos plant

Plants are some of the easiest yet most customizable gifts. Depending on your knowledge of someone's bathroom lighting situation as well as their own personal tastes, you can choose a plant that perfectly suits their style and will take their fresh bathroom to the next level. For low light environments, consider a pothos or philodendron plant. In bathrooms with more direct bright light, consider an aloe vera or snake plant, among many other options. And remember, if they don't want to put the plant in their bathroom for some reason, there are probably plenty of other spots within their household where a plant would be a great addition! 

Shower Accessories

Fragrance is the name of the game in providing that finishing touch to a freshly updated bathroom. Lucky for you, there are a variety of gifts that can provide that extra touch in an aesthetically pleasing way. 

Hanging Shower Bundle

Shower bundles are designed to hang over your showerhead to provide a fresh and cleansing aroma in your bathroom. As the water's moisture collides with the bundle in the air, your gift recipient will be greeted with a soft yet poignant fragrance guaranteed to uplift the shower experience. 

Best of all, there are several options to choose from when picking the type of shower bundle for your gift. You may choose between eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, and myrtle bunches or go with some combination of the four! Each one brings unique qualities, benefits, and scents to the table, so pick the option that best fits the profile of your loved one! 

- Essential Oil Pouches and Bath Salts

If bundles aren't necessarily your top pick but you still want something that will mesh well with the shower, check out Self-Care Shower's essential oil pouch and bath salt options. Our essential oil pouch is filled with fragrant eucalyptus leaves and combined with eucalyptus essential oils for a serene spa-like experience. Better yet, you can even sign up for a subscription service to have these regularly delivered and replaced. So, if you're looking to give a gift to a friend and treat yourself, this could be the option for you!

The bath salt soak option is similar to the essential oil pouch but is a combination of bath salts with fresh eucalyptus leaves or lavender buds designed to create a calming atmosphere. This option is great for hanging over a bathtub faucet or elsewhere within your bathroom for a touch of green and understated accessorizing. 

Affirmation Cards

Now, you're likely familiar with the concept of affirmation cards, but have you heard of affirmation cards that adhere to surfaces by just adding water? Meet the Self-Care Shower shower affirmation cards. Furthermore, these incredible affirmation cards are also easily removable AND reusable by going through the same process! These are perfect for the friend who is working to get into and/or maintain the habit of self-care. Plus, they will add to any fresh bathroom look by sticking to shower tiles, mirrors, and more! 


A newly renovated bathroom calls for fun soaps! And a person can never have too many fun and fragrant soap options; after all, they're a disposable product that you use up over time. You may consider lavender soap or any other scent that speaks to the person or family's personality. Feel free to get creative! 

These are just a few ideas of gifts to get someone who has just completed a bathroom renovation...or...yourself! Perhaps you want to give yourself a mini-bathroom makeover and a eucalyptus bundle with some fresh soap will do just the trick. And of course, remember to celebrate the little things in life because it just makes life more fun. Make sure to check out Self-Care Shower for some ideas and inspiration from sustainable sources! 

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