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What Are Shower Steamers?

What Are Shower Steamers?

Picture this: your eucalyptus bundle is hanging over your shower head and you have picked a few affirmation cards to attach to your shower tiles to fill your shower with some extra empowerment and inspiration. As you prepare to step into the shower, you drop a shower steamer into the rising steam as you wait for the water to warm up. Wait, what's a shower steamer? 

Take a few minutes to learn everything you need to know to bring shower steamers into your relaxing shower routine.

What are shower steamers?

In a nutshell, a shower steamer is a bath bomb made for the shower. Like bath bombs, they slowly dissolve in the water and steam, releasing heavenly scents and elevating your shower to a spa-like experience. Unlike bath bombs, they are usually less spherical in order to be less of a tripping hazard in the shower. Shower steamers often have a higher concentration of essential oils, making them more potent and scented. Shower steamers come in many different shapes, scents, and sizes depending on your preferences which is one of the many great qualities about them!What do shower steamers do?

Shower steamers function by interacting with the steam to diffuse the steam. As the steam meets the baking soda and citric acids present in the shower steamer, the shower steamer begins to release its essential oils into the air and creating its signature relaxing scent. 

Not only do shower steamers create a calming and pleasant-smelling atmosphere, they also add an air of mystery and luxury within your everyday experience. Whether it's your daily morning shower before work or a lengthy self-care shower designed to release the tension from the day, using a shower steamer can add to your peace and self-care routine in all circumstances. 

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How do I use a shower steamer? 

Using a shower steamer is remarkably simple! Simple take the steamer out of its packaging and place it on your shower floor as you turn on your shower to heat up the water. As the steam begins to rise, you'll notice the steamer fizzing and begin to smell the essential oils as they are released from the steamer as it slowly dissolves. From this point on, just relax and enjoy your shower full of aromatherapeutic goodness!

Can you reuse shower steamers?

By now, you hopefully understand how shower steamers work and are ready to dive in and try one of your own. One of the most frequently asked questions is whether or not you can reuse shower steamers. The answer is a bit complicated; it depends on the size of the shower steamer itself and also the duration of each shower that you use the steamer. For example, a shower steamer should last for several shorter showers but if you take a 30+ minute shower, the steamer may not have much scent left when you go to try and reuse it. As with many products, the first time you use the shower steamer will normally be when the scent is the most potent. As you continue to use it, essential oils will continue to be released but often at a slower rate until they are used up.

Essentially, yes, you can reuse shower steamers but the scent will slowly run out over time. You'll need to experiment for yourself to see how long shower steamers last in your specific shower and on your own timeline and preferences.


How long do shower steamers last?

Going along with the above question, many people want to know how long a shower steamer will last - is it for a single shower? multiple? a certain number of minutes? 

The answer is that this depends somewhat on the size of your specific shower steamer. Unsurprisingly, larger shower steamers will last longer than smaller ones. A small shower steamer usually lasts for one solid shower while a larger one will last for several showers. They are typically sold as part of a multi-pack as shower steamers are not long-lasting assets. Nevertheless, you can depend on a shower steamer to last for at least a few showers depending on the length of shower and how much water directly hits the steamer. 

Before use, you can safely store shower steamers without concerns about the essential oils fading away, provided that you keep it in some sort of packaging to maintain the freshness of the essential oils. After the six month mark, you may notice a decrease in the efficacy rate on your shower steamer, but why wait that long to use it anyway? 

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How can I make my shower steamer last longer?

The best way to make a shower steamer last longer is to remove it from the shower and allow it to dry out. If you have enough scents permeating the shower before you are finished showering, you can go ahead and remove it to reduce the wear and tear on your steamer. 

Another idea is to place the steamer away from the direct flow of water. Just as you don't want a eucalyptus or lavender bundle to be blasted by the flow of water as it will dilute its scent faster, the less water the steamer comes into direct contact with, the better. Your goal should be for the general moisture and steam to release the essential oils and not the incessant pounding of water on the steamer. 

Are shower steamers good for you? 

Shower steamers have a multitude of positive benefits. They are considered aromatherapy which has numerous positive effects on the users!

Shower steamers can relieve congestion. 

Struggling with allergy season right now? Have a pesky cold you just can't shake? Shower steamers could help relieve that congestion, particularly if you are using eucalyptus shower steamers

Shower steamers can reduce stress. 

One of aromatherapy's best qualities is that it helps to reduce physiological stress, so you aren't just feeling a placebo when you feel more relaxed after a good shower with a shower steamer.

Shower steamers can help relax muscles.

To an extent, this depends on the type of shower steamer you are using, but shower steamers have been shown to help relax muscles and reduce tension and pain in your muscles. This is especially helpful if you're showering after a long run or other physical activity. Specifically, eucalyptus has been shown to help relax muscles and bring some overall comfort to your body. 

These are just a few of the many benefits that shower steamers can bring to your showering routine! But, most of all, they are fun and take your daily shower to a new level by incorporating self-care! Check out Self-Care Shower's new shower steamer bundle to try out this exciting new trend.

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