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Types of Affirmations

Types of Affirmations

Affirmations have soared in popularity in recent years, with many coming to appreciate the effect of this relatively simple practice. Essentially, affirmations are positive first-person statements that you repeat to yourself and believe to be true. Repeating them out loud to yourself only strengthens your belief in them over time and brings about transformative changes in your life, particularly in the way you see yourself and your potential. The concept behind affirmations centers on believing in yourself and building up your own sense of self-efficacy by establishing positive thought patterns. You can read more about the science behind it here

Affirmations come in many shapes and sizes, making them easy to customize for your own needs! You can use them to help motivate yourself, increase your self-confidence and acceptance, focus on your mental peace, and reach your goals. Let’s break down what some of the most common types are and how to use them for best results! 

list of daily affirmations

What are the different types of affirmations?

While affirmations are all gathered together under their broader definition, there are many types that can fit with your own unique needs, goals, and routine. The good news is that affirmations can be as creative as you are! Let’s explore some of the most common types of affirmations. 

Daily affirmations

These are exactly what they sound like - affirmations that you repeat to yourself day in and day out. Daily affirmations are ideal for someone who is just beginning to experiment with affirmations because their daily nature encourages you to set up an affirmations routine! You can choose from any of the other types of affirmations what exactly your specific affirmations will be but deciding to utilize daily affirmations is an important step in your use of affirmations. 

Some people decide to say their affirmations as soon as they wake up in order to start the day on the right foot. Others recite them as they get ready to leave for work or school to hype themselves up. Still others may decide to use affirmations in the evening to bring peace and relaxation into their bedtime routine. It’s completely up to you! 

If you’re struggling to remember to say your affirmations each day, consider building it into one of your existing routines or placing a physical reminder somewhere you will see it each day. Shower affirmation cards offer you the best of both worlds! These are cards with premade affirmations printed on them that you can affix to your shower tiles by adding water. Then, you’ll be instantly reminded to say your affirmations every time you hop into the shower! Even better, they are reusable and easily removable so you can change them out whenever you change out your affirmations and put them back up if you change your mind! 

For other options, you can’t go wrong with a basic sticky note or index card taped to your mirror or propped up on your desk. Even setting a reminder on your phone can do the job! However, you decide to remind yourself of your daily affirmations, the main goal is to ensure that you say them aloud each day for best results.

Self-Love Affirmations

Many people use affirmations to boost their own self-confidence and self-love. Repeating something you love or like about yourself out loud over a period of time can work wonders and change the way that you see yourself! Also, the fact that you are intentionally working to increase your self-love is already half the battle to a better sense of self! 

Self-love affirmations can be as vague or specific as you want. You may want to start out with something broader such as “I am worthy of love” and move gradually towards specific things you love about yourself. The longer you repeat your self-love affirmations, the more natural it will feel.

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Peaceful Affirmations

Affirmations can be powerful vehicles for increasing the peace in your life. Many times, this comes from realizing that you cannot control every outcome in your life. Change can be scary, but what will cause you the most stress is the effort you put into clinging to your own sense of control. Creating and repeating affirmations on this theme will help you to release control and regain your inner peace. If you’re looking for some inspiration, consider keeping it simple to start out with and try repeating “I strive to achieve inner peace.” Another good example of a peaceful affirmation is repeating the serenity prayer, particularly if you believe in God and releasing control of your life to a higher power: 

the serenity prayer


Peaceful affirmations can be especially effective if you are using them to wind down for the evening and release the stress and anxiety that has built up over the course of the day. Sleep easier by lightening your stress and sense of control with peaceful affirmations.

Motivational Affirmations

Motivational affirmations are for the person who is looking to inspire themselves to work towards their goals and chase their dreams. Equal parts encouraging and challenging, they push you toward new heights. Some basic examples of motivational affirmations include “There are no limits to what I can achieve” and “I will overcome the obstacles in my way.”

I feel like makin' dreams come true.

You can also customize the affirmations to your own unique situation whether you are working through a graduate school program, starting your own business, or becoming a parent. At their core, motivational affirmations are meant to uplift and encourage you while pushing you to do your best at whatever you undertake. For this reason, many people choose to say motivational affirmations toward the beginning of the day as they embark on their tasks and challenges. 

These are just a sampling of the different types of affirmations you may choose to use in your journey to a happier, healthier, more peaceful life. One of the best things about affirmations is how adaptable they are to your individual situation and needs. Take a few minutes to consider your goals and the areas of your life in which you want to focus and create a few affirmations of your own. You might be surprised at how rapidly you begin to see changes in your life! 

At Self-Care Shower, we are proud to offer Shower Affirmation Cards as a tool in the affirmation journey. Just add water and attach them to surfaces from shower tiles to bathroom mirrors for an instant reminder of your commitment to affirmations. For more on how to effectively incorporate self-care and affirmations in your life, visit our website to explore our variety of products designed to improve your quality of life. 

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