Self-Care Shower

4 showers with eucalyptus hanging from the shower head.

"Beautiful, soothing... aromatherapy"



✅ USA Grown: Hand Picked

🌱 No Preservatives: Always Farm Fresh

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Our customers always let us know how wonderful their showers smell when they use our fresh eucalyptus. Steaming the eucalyptus gives off a nice, woodsy, clean smell - just like a spa! We hand pick then ship quickly to keep your bundle fresh. Our natural eucalyptus bundles last for about 3 weeks in the shower, with the fragrance strongest the first week. Breathe in relaxation and order a bundle today, your body and mind will thank you later.

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Fresh eucalyptus hanging in the shower by shower head with marble tiles in background

Your most refreshing shower...ever

When you inhale the scent of our eucalyptus—freshly picked leaves—you find relaxation nirvana! We deliver these fresh leaves to your door. 

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Hand holding stem of eucalyptus and tying the end together

Wash away bathroom odors

Our USA grown eucalyptus is potent and keeps any room you place it in smelling fresh. Steam activates the eucalyptus to bring the aroma to your shower and bathroom. Even try our euclayptus bunches in a vase for soothing aromas in every room.

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How to: Create Your Shower Spa

Packed up box with tape containing eucalyptus on the way to the customer

Get Original Shower Bundle

Order our eucalyptus bundles and have it at your doorstep in 3-7 business days. We ship, bundle, and harvest on the same day to keep your bundle fresh!

Three sprigs of baby blue eucalyptus

Gently Wash

By now you've unwrapped your bundle and can already smell the fresh aroma! Give the branches a quick soak in cool water to get it ready for your shower.

Green plant branches hanging from silver shower head.

Enjoy Your Best Shower Ever

Ahhhh, simply hang your all-natural bundle up in your shower, and let the warm steam release the refreshing eucalyptus scent. Close your eyes and relax!

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Silver shower head with green plant attached to pipe, checkered background with white outline around the plant and shower head

"The idea is to hang eucalyptus around your shower head, so that it's not directly beneath the water"

Some water is ok, but steam is best! With the included string, simply hang your bundle over your shower-head. That is usually enough to keep your bundle outside the range of the water. For rain shower-heads, it is best to lay bundle on top of head, the hot shower steam will reach it!

Eucalyptus scattered around white background with yellow design in the middle for a wedding

Rolling the leaves can help release their essence!

Want more of that relaxing eucalyptus smell? Simply take a rolling object (such as a wine bottle!) and roll your leaves gently to release some of their inner goodness. Make sure to do this in a safe area, that you can clean easily. We suggest on top of paper towels.


✅ USA Grown: Hand Picked & Lovingly Bundled

⌛ Last Chance: Get it in Season!

⚡️ Seasonal Sale: Over 40% Off All Eucalyptus

Hey—our customers rave about the wonderful aroma of our eucalyptus. Steam one in the shower, and you'll never want to go back to regular ol' showers again! Our eucalyptus last for 3-4 weeks, releasing their fresh fragrance. What are you waiting for? Get your own bundle today!