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Myrtle Bundle | Just Arrived



We wanted to try something new with Myrtle, a plant with many benefits. If you are looking for an amazing green to add to your home or your shower myrtle's soft leaves and subtle aroma are what you need. While myrtle does not last as long as some of our other vanities, its vibrant green color is sure to improve your day. Treat your eyes and relax with a fresh bundle of Myrtle, straight from our San Diego farm.



  • Fresh Myrtle
  • Twine/Ribbon included to bundle and hang
  • Picked to order!
  • Lasts for around 2-3 weeks in the shower, longer in a vase with water
  • All-natural myrtle harvested sustainably
  • For best results, soak with cool water, then gently roll leaves (make sure to do so over a towel) to release their essence, before adding to shower