Self-Care Shower

Spa Bundle | The Full Self-Care Shower Experience | New Shower Steamers


You're in the right place for new and exciting in the shower, this pack includes our very best and most popular bundles including the brand new shower steamers and affirmation cards.

Benefiting the spirit, mind and body, the full package is a perfect way to take time for yourself and connect with your inner peace.

Instructions are included but here's how our ultimate shower experience would go. Turn on the warm water and take a deep breath. Step in the shower and place a fresh shower steamer on the shower floor. While the steamer is fizzing, choose your affirmation card to guide your shower, take another deep breath as you wet and place the card on the shower wall. By now you should be able to smell the soothing aroma from the shower steamer as well as the fresh eucalyptus. After a long, muscle relaxing shower, you step out, and smell the lavender and rosemary in a vase on the counter...


Shower steamers are out of stock, 3-pack of our eucalyptus bath salts will be in your order instead! Steamers are back!

Not all of these can fit in our standard size box! Expect the steamers and affirmations in a separate box, separate from the fresh flowers!


  • 10-Pack Shower Steamers
  • 15-Pack Affirmation Cards for The Shower
  • 1x Farm Fresh Rosemary Bundle
  • 1x Farm Fresh  Eucalyptus
  • 1x  Dried Lavender Bundle
  • 1x Champagne Candle
  • 1x Lavender Dream Essential Oil
  • Ribbon included to bundle and hang 

Note: These bunches do not come pre-bundled. We include ribbon to make bundling and hanging easy (also check out our guide). You will receive separate packages to make sure the plants get there fresh!