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What Plants Can You Hang From Your Shower Head?

vines hanging along shower wall

Whether you’ve seen it on Pinterest or in a friend’s bathroom, growing plants in your bathroom is all the rage. While plants in bathrooms have been around for a while, a newer trend is hanging plants from your showerhead. If you’re unfamiliar with this idea or perhaps just looking for some tips on how to implement plants into your shower more effectively, read on for all the details on showerhead plants!

Why should I put plants in my shower?

There are a variety of reasons to add plants to your shower! First of all, it will brighten up a space that can feel pretty utilitarian. A little pop of green may be just the decor punch you have been looking for to complete the space. In fact, it may even make your bathroom feel more spa-like and therefore more relaxing. 

hanging plants in shower

Second, there are a variety of proven benefits to your health. Let’s take a look: 

Plants can improve your air quality. 

Now, of course this is true both in and out of the shower space, but it’s an important benefit. After all, who doesn’t want cleaner air and fewer toxins? The way plants accomplish this feat is by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen which is a process you probably learned back in middle school science. However, did you know that in the process the plant also filters the air? Scientists are still researching just which plant species are the most effective and how many plants you need in order to have a significant reduction in toxins, but the main takeaway point is that plants will work to purify you air and remove toxins as they go through photosynthesis.

Plants can help relieve stress. 

Study after study has shown that houseplants reduce stress. Part of this may stem from a microbe in potting soil called mycobacterium vaccae or what is called in layman’s terms “outdoorphins.” These are basically natural antidepressants which can reduce stress and improve mood. That’s why potting plants can have a particularly satisfying effect. However, houseplants also reduce stress through simply bringing nature indoors. As increasingly indoor and sedentary humans, we crave connections to nature and even just having a plant in the shower can help us relax and feel more grounded and connected.

Plants can increase energy and focus. 

Did you know that plants can increase your productivity by up to 15%? Well, now you do. While the shower may not be the place you plan to be the most productive, having a better mood and improved concentration is something most people wouldn’t want to turn down. Specifically, this can be ideal if you’re a morning shower person as it can set you up for a great day. However, the benefits aren’t lost on late-night showerers either as having a better mood can help you calm down to rest. 

Now that we’ve examined some general benefits of plants, let’s take a look at why the shower specifically is a great spot for houseplants.

bohemian shower with plants

There’s plenty of moisture…and plants can help absorb it. 

Ever had a moldy shower curtain? I think we’ve all been there at one point or another. Adding a plant to your shower can help reduce this problem as plants require moisture to live and will basically suck it out of the air to use for themselves. Now, this won’t entirely eliminate all mold from your bathroom, but it may help you to keep its spread down and combined with other common-sense habits like stretching the shower curtain out to dry after use, you may be able to stamp out your mold and moisture problems for good. 

There’s often extra space.

The rest of your bathroom may be a tight fit, depending on your floorplan. However, it’s rare that you really need every square inch of your shower, especially if the plant is hanging. This means that the opportunity cost of putting a plant in your shower is lower than using up valuable horizontal space or limited towel hooks to hang a plant from in the main part of the room. Just one more reason to stick that plant in your shower!

Plants will be healthy there. 

The majority of plants love the shower environment which means less work for you and fewer dead or dying plants! Win-win for everyone!

 hanging plant in shower with window

What plants are best to hang from my showerhead? 

Now that you’re convinced of all the reasons to add a plant to your showerhead, let’s get down to specifics of which plants will thrive the most. There are a couple of factors to take into account when choosing a plant. 

First, what sort of lighting do you have? My current bathroom has no windows, so I’d pick a plant that doesn’t require much light, such as a golden pothos. However, some bathrooms are flooded with light from windows, and in those cases, a plant that welcomes more light would be advisable, such as a monstera, which thrives in bright areas with indirect sunlight. 

You also want to choose a plant that will thrive in high-humidity conditions. Luckily, this means you get to consider cool tropical plants like snake plants, but don’t write off plants that prefer cooler conditions, such as ferns. Your main criteria should be finding plants that can tolerate - and even appreciate - humidity regardless of what temperature they typically grow in. However, a lot of humidity-loving plants do tend to originate in the tropics and rainforest areas so bear that in mind.

 plants hanging in bathroom

One other factor that is easily forgotten is size. If you’re going to hang this plant from your showerhead, you’ll probably want to start with something small that is easily hangable from your specific shower setup. You may also opt to place a pot in your shower floor on potentially on a shelf, in which case you have more flexibility in terms of size, but still be mindful of the floor or shelf space it will take up. 

Finally, you’ll want to pick a plant that you can care for. For example, I am not normally great with houseplants, but I can keep snake plants and pothos plants thriving against all odds, so I’d probably pick one of those to start out with in my shower. If you want a challenge, then, by all means try something new. But if you’re looking for a safe and stable plant, try doing some research first on the specific plant, its care needs, and difficulty level before buying.

What if I don't want to take care of a plant in my shower?

Perhaps we’ve reached this point in the article and while you like the idea of adding some plant life to your shower, you’re unsure about committing to a real live plant. If that’s the case, don’t fret! There are alternatives to a traditional potted plant that can bring similar benefits to your shower.

eucalyptus bundle in blue tiled shower

First, you can get a cutting, bouquet, or bundle to hang in your shower. These are trimmings from a real plant, such as a eucalyptus bundle, that will add fragrance, nature, and similar mental health benefits to your shower without the responsibilities of watering and care. 

You may also just want to opt for a super low-maintenance plant. Check out air plants or try googling other low-maintenance plant options.

How can I best take care of plants in my shower?

So, you’ve got a plant, it’s ready to go in your shower, but you want to know how to keep it happy and long-living. Now it’s time to talk about a few tips and tricks for plant survival and longevity.

First and foremost, if you went through the criteria above regarding lighting, humidity, spacing, and care level, you probably picked a plant that will be naturally disposed to thrive in your bathroom. That’s great news! Now all we need to do is not mess it up.

For starters, opt for plastic planters for your plants. Not only are these less breakable than ceramic or glass containers (nobody wants shattered glass on their shower or bathroom floor), they’re also lighter-weight which will make hanging the plant easier. If you deeply desire a pot of a different kind, consider putting it on a shelf or on the floor to reduce the chance of it falling and breaking. Next, make sure that your plants are not in the direct line of the water. I understand that it may feel like multi-tasking to water your plants every time you take a shower, but chances are that the soil will get water-logged and you may end up dealing with root rot, which we definitely do not want. This is why hanging a plant from the showerhead can be such a great move because it will be close enough to absorb moisture and humidity without getting drenched each time you bathe. 

shower plants in organizer

Once you have those basics down, caring for your shower plants is just like caring for any other plants. Follow the directions, check in on your plants, and enjoy them!

Whether you choose to add a plant to your shower or decide to go with a bundle instead, Self-Care Shower has plenty of resources to enhance your showering experience from bath salt soak packets to lavender soap, essential oils, and of course, a variety of bundles. Sustainably grown and hand-picked in the USA, there's something for everyone at Self-Care Shower.

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