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Where Can I Get Fresh Eucalyptus?

Where Can I Get Fresh Eucalyptus?

Eucalyptus is a hot topic in the self-care world, particularly when it comes to adding some pizzazz and aromatherapy to your daily shower routine. Its benefits range from reducing stress, anxiety, and blood pressure to serving as a decongestant and antiseptic, there are a multitude of reasons to add it to your home! 

However, once you begin to look into purchasing your own eucalyptus, it is easy to be overwhelmed by all of the options presented to you. Let's break down the types of eucalyptus to choose from as well as the different stores you can purchase from. 

What are the main types of eucalyptus?

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

If you're an essential oil guru, the eucalyptus essential oil might already be in your repertoire. If not, it's time to try it! There are so many different ways to use the essential oil from adding to a diffuser to mixing it with water in a spray bottle and spritzing it around your house for a fresh and clean atmosphere and so much more.

You can buy eucalyptus essential oil from any number of online providers as well as local small businesses that are likely to offer the best selection. You can also find eucayptus essential oils at any number of major retailers from Walgreens to Walmart and many other stores in the middle. 

eucalyptus essential oil on bed of flowers

Dried or Preserved Eucalyptus

One of the lesser known varieties of eucalyptus, dried eucalyptus is a great option for someone who is looking for a low maintenance but visually appealing option for their home. 

Dried eucalyptus will actually look fresh for months when properly preserved. However, you will need to spray it with a eucalyptus essential oil mixture if you are looking to get its characteristic fragrance long term. This option is better for a centerpiece or as any part of household decor rather than for use in aromatherapy or in a bathroom where it will be continually exposed to moisture and potentially shrivel up faster. You're also less likely to benefit from the signature scent with a dried eucalyptus bundle compared to a fresh one. However, dried bundles still have their pros including their low maintenance existence and great, long-lasting appearance. 

In fact, you can even make your own dried eucalyptus bundles out of fresh eucalyptus! For more information on how to dry your own eucalyptus, check out this article from LivingEtc. 

Fresh Eucalyptus

This is the most aesthetically pleasing and fragrant option. It's the one you'll see artfully hanging from a shower head or over a bathtub faucet. Furthermore, fresh eucalyptus will provide the best and strongest eucalyptus fragrance, particularly when it mixes with the moisture and humidity of the shower. 

Since most of us don't have eucalyptus growing naturally in our backyards, we'll have to buy it fresh to get that alluring eucalyptus effect. There are a good number of places where you can purchase fresh eucalyptus. Let's explore some of the top providers and the pros and cons of each!

Where can I buy fresh eucalyptus?

While fresh eucalyptus certainly isn't available at every store, you do have a variety of options for where you purchase it. Each one comes with its own advantages and disadvantages but the good news is that you have a number of possibilities to choose from. 

Large retailers

Large retailers are chain stores that are spread across the U.S. Think Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, both mid-size grocery stores with lots of natural, organic, and specialty products, including fresh eucalyptus! As far as other stores go, it's worth checking to see if they have a florist section and inquiring about fresh eucalyptus!

bundle of eucalyptus


1. It's convenient: If you already shop at these stores, you can add fresh eucalyptus to your shopping list without any extra hassle. 

2. It's instant: Buying something in the store off the shelf means you don't have to spend time waiting for someone to put it together and deliver it to you; it's yours as soon as you pay for it and walk out of the store!

3. You get to choose your own bundle: if you're buying from a florist or online, chances are that you won't be able to pick out your exact eucalyptus bundle. Buying in-store at a large retailer means that the eucalyptus is likely easily accessible for you to peruse, even if a store associate may also be there if assistance is needed.


1. The quality may not be the same: This isn't a guarantee, but since large retailers don't tend to specialize in eucalyptus but rather groceries, the quality of the individual eucalyptus may not be to the same level as other providers. 

2. Lack of expert advice: If you're interested in having a conversation with a knowledgeable specialist about how to best take care of your eucalyptus, where to put it in your home, or any other questions, you may not find that at a grocery store. Employees are much less likely to have a wealth of knowledge, if any at all, on eucalyptus specifically as they will often be busy with a wide variety of tasks.

3. It's prepackaged: Going along with the difference in quality, many fresh eucalyptus bundles come in small prepackaged bundles designed for making floral arrangements rather than being a standalone accessory for your shower. This means it may take several eucalyptus bouquets in order to create a full bundle.

Local florists

Florist shops are varied and diverse, so there is no way to accurately describe each one in individual detail. However, many florist shops stock fresh eucalyptus and have many of the same characteristics. 

florist shop exterior


1. Freshness: Generally, florist shops are known for the health and freshness of their products. After all, plants are their profession. 

2. Skilled and knowledgeable workers: If you have questions about your fresh eucalyptus, they should be able to answer since the workers at a florist shop work exclusively with plants all day long! They may also be able to give you specific tips for maintaining fresh eucalyptus in your specific environment, whether that's a drier or more humid area as these are both factors that will affect your eucalyptus, even indoors.

3. Buying In-Person: If you're someone who enjoys the aesthetic of a trip to the florist shop and the browsing that may go along with it, then buying from a local florist may be perfect for you. Not only do you get to go in-person but you also get to experience the breathtaking beauty of a florist shop. 

florist in florist shop


1. Quantities may be smaller: A lot of florist shops are selling small quantities to customers who are using a few stems of a variety of different flowers or plans to create a beautiful bouquet. This doesn't meant that a florist shop can't sell you a larger quantity of eucalyptus but it may not be immediately available or cost you more.

2. The value: As most florist shops are locally owned and more specialty-focused, they are unable to mass produce fresh eucalyptus efficiently in the same way that large retailers and online providers are - simply because their market is smaller. For this reason, you're likely to see prices be higher at a local florist shop. After all, they have a smaller store and high expenses to stay in business. 

3. Inconvenience: Unless you frequent florist shops as a hobby, you'll be making a special trip there each time you need fresh eucalyptus. If the shop is far away from your home, this could get monotonous. 

Self-Care Shower

Another option for buying fresh eucalyptus is purchasing it online. Let's look specifically at buying eucalyptus from Self-Care Shower. 


1. Ease of purchase: At Self-Care Shower, you purchase your bundle online which saves you the time and energy of going out to a store. 

2. Sustainable production: At other stores, you may or may not know the background of how the eucalyptus you are buying was grown and produced. At Self-Care Shower, we are proud to run a sustainable company where eucalyptus is grown and harvested naturally in the U.S. with best environmental practices in mind. 

3. Expert advice: Self-Care Shower is all about giving you the low-down on how to make your eucayptus last as long as possible. On our website, you'll find instructions, tips, and tricks for how to get the best use possible out of our fresh eucalyptus. 

4. Quality, large quantities: At Self-Care Shower, we are expecting you to use the eucalyptus for your shower or as an accent piece in your home rather than use a small portion of it to combine with something else. That's why we pick your fresh eucalyptus to order and make sure to give you the healthiest, largest bundle possible. 

5. Plenty of accessories: Self-Care Shower focuses on the shower and self-care experience, so therefore, we have tons of other products that may also enhance your showering experience. Don't just take my word for it; check out our website!


1. Shipping time: While Self-Care Shower prides itself on speedy shipping and handling, the reality is that even a day or two wait takes longer than buying the fresh eucalyptus instantly in the store. 

2. Buying online: While buying online has many advantages, one disadvantage is not getting to interact with an actual employee or visit a physical store. If this is something you enjoy, then buying online from Self-Care Shower may not be your best option. 

Visit the Self-Care Shower website today to get your bundle of fresh eucalyptus and explore so many other amazing products! 

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