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Does Eucalyptus Relieve Stress?

Does Eucalyptus Relieve Stress?
Stress. It’s a word that gets thrown around a lot in today’s culture and perhaps some of that is due to increasing numbers of Americans reporting higher than average stress levels. Defined as “physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension,” stress is a normal part of life - to a point. However, extra stress can be debilitating, leading to physical ailments and mental health issues. Chronic stress has been tied to increased rates of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, skin issues, and lowered immune system functionality. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, roughly 1 in 5 Americans have an anxiety disorder, which can be triggered by excessive stress, among other things. Clearly, being chronically stressed can wreak havoc on your mind and body!
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There are a variety of techniques that can be used to lower stress rates from intentional self-care to lifestyle changes. But did you know that eucalyptus can play a role in reducing your stress? When combined with a healthy self-care routine, eucalyptus can be the linchpin in reducing your stress and creating a more healthy and fulfilling life.

What causes stress? 

To understand how to best deal with stress, it’s important to understand its root causes. Essentially, it comes from anything that causes a strain or tension in your life, whether that’s an upcoming deadline at work or a recent breakup that has left you reeling. Stress can also come from less obvious sources, such as feelings of burnout at work that build up over time or a lack of relaxation due to a busy schedule.

As mentioned previously, stress is a normal part of life. Without stress, humans can end up bored and even depressed in extreme cases. Stress is useful for motivating us, improving our performance, and even promoting growth in areas we might not have grown in had we not faced stress. However, in most cases, positive stress is short-term. It refers more to an identifiable obstacle such as a difficult workout or upcoming presentation rather than an ongoing stressor. 

Not all stress is normal or healthy. In fact, some stress can cause serious problems for the mind and body. The body is not designed to handle long periods of chronic stress and this can result in adverse effects. Sources of long-term stress can be anything from a failing relationship to ongoing financial problems or acrimony at work. Learning how to reduce chronic stress rates can work wonders for your health and is an important skill to learn in a society where research shows Americans to be more stressed than ever before. 

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How does the body normally respond to stress?

You’re probably already somewhat familiar with the body’s natural response to stress. The system known as the sympathetic nervous system is responsible for stress responses. Designed to help you protect yourself from a threat by going into fight-or-flight mode, the body kicks into a new gear fueled by the release of cortisol and adrenaline, among other stress hormones. This results in an increased heart rate, higher blood pressure, heavier breathing, and tighter muscles, all great things if you’re in a physically stressful situation.

However, the same nervous system process takes place when you’re in an emotionally stressful situation which is the source of much of our stress today. This is why your heart may start to pound in your chest right before you give a speech or you can’t stop breathing heavily when you’re getting up the guts to quit your job.

Over time, the constant activation of your body’s emergency response system due to stress can put a strain on your entire body. Think about it like a car: you wouldn’t drive like a madman executing high-speed car chase manuevers when there’s no apparent threat because of the danger as well as the wear-and-tear on your vehicle. The exact same thing is true with stress and your body. Thankfully, there are ways to combat this chronic stress.

How does eucalyptus change the body's response to stress? 

Now that you understand how stress affects the body, let’s explore how eucalyptus can help alter that response for a more calming experience. Eucalyptus works to counteract several physical demonstrations of stress as well as some of the triggers that cause it.

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Eucalyptus activates the parasympathetic nervous system which performs the opposite functions to the sympathetic nervous system. This is demonstrated in several tangible physical ways. First of all, inhaling eucalyptus can cause you to breathe deeply, thus slowing your breaths and helping you to calm down your nervous system’s stress response. On a broader level, your heart rate will gradually slow as you inhale the eucalyptus and your olfactory nerves carry the calming signals from its compounds into your brain. Mentally, using eucalyptus is the epitome of aromatherapy which uses natural products to enhance physiological and psychological well being. 

In these ways, eucalyptus can help lessen the effects of chronic stress by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, relieving both the physical and mental toll of stress.

How can I use eucalyptus to relieve stress?

Now that we have discussed the hows and whys of stress and eucalyptus, you're probably wondering how to practically use eucalyptus to help manage your stress. 

First of all, you can obtain the benefits of eucalyptus without adding any extra time to your daily routine by incorporating a eucalyptus bundle into your shower. By draping the bundle over your showerhead, you will inhale the relaxing essential oils from the eucalyptus bundle as the steam from the shower releases it. If you're a morning-shower person, you're starting the day off relaxed and ready to take on the upcoming stressors. If you shower at night, you can clear your mind and calm your body before sleeping. 

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You may also want to try out a eucalyptus bath essential oil pouch which is made up of fresh eucalyptus leaves with eucalyptus essential oil added in. Also perfect to hang in the shower, you may also elect to hang it anywhere around your house to enjoy throughout your day. 

However you choose to enjoy your eucalyptus, Self-Care Shower is here to help. At Self-Care Shower, we offer a wide variety of options of eucalyptus products for your home ranging from the original eucalyptus bundle to other items such as a eucalyptus bath salt soak or even a combination of scents such as our eucalyptus and lavender bundle! No matter what you choose, you can refresh your bathroom and reduce your stress with a Self-Care Shower bundle, sustainably hand-picked and grown in the United States.

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