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What Are Affirmation Cards?

What Are Affirmation Cards?

The affirmation trend is taking the world by storm and one of the best things about this popular trend is how flexible it is. However, all the versatility in the world doesn't mean much if you don't know the basics of what affirmations are and how to use affirmation cards. Keep reading for a simple breakdown of affirmation cards and the range of different ways you can put them to use to enhance your life!

What are affirmation cards? 

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let's go ahead and make sure everyone is on the same page as to what an affirmation is. At its core, an affirmation is a first-person positive statement that is used to encourage healthy and optimistic thinking habits as well as increase your peace and mental clarity. 

Examples include: 

- I am not defined by my past. 

- I will find the good in all things.

- I am worthy of love. 

- I am capable of succeeding today.

Affirmations can be delivered in a variety of ways. Some people choose two or three, memorize them, and repeat them each day. Others like to switch them up and try new affirmations each day. This is where affirmation cards can come in to play. Affirmation cards are just what they sound like; they are a set of physical cards that have different affirmations printed on them. They are useful for having a physical reminder of your affirmation and also for mixing up your affirmations on a daily basis! 

I can choose how I want to perceive every situation

How do affirmations work?

The science behind affirmations are based in the concept of self-efficacy, which is an individual's belief in their own capabilities. Essentially, self-efficacy theory, coined by Albert Bandura in 1977, posits that the more you believe you are capable of accomplishing something, the more likely you are to actually achieve it. 

Affirmations are a part of building those feelings of self-efficacy. This is why many affirmations center on building up your own self-esteem and confidence; these mantras repeated over and over again will begin to take root in your brain and lead you to believe them subconsciously. These slow but consistent changes in your thought patterns are critical for improving your self-esteem, confidence, and so much more. When you start or end your days with constructive, encouraging thoughts rather than negative ones, you will make a long term difference in how you think about and view yourself. 

If all of that is too wordy, here's the underlying principle: if you put good into your mind, you'll get good out. Talking positively to yourself makes you feel more capable and ready to seize the moment. Just as eating healthy makes your body feel better, talking positively to yourself makes your mind healthier. 

What are the different types of affirmation cards? 

Within the category of affirmation cards, there are several different fun formats to get your affirmations. Let's dive in to some of the most popular and unique ones!


1. Shower affirmation cards

Shower affirmation cards are aesthetically-pleasing waterproof cards that adhere to surfaces such as mirrors or shower tiles. They stick just by getting the back of the card wet and applying it to the surface where you want it to stay. These are easy to remove and you can reuse them as much as you want! 

Shower affirmation cards are perfect for the busy person who needs a visible reminder of a daily or weekly affirmation. After all, we all take showers, so why not use that time in the shower to advance our self-care and mental health? They are also great for brightening up your bathroom and reminding guests to believe in themselves. 

2. Card deck affirmations

These are exactly what they sound like: a deck of cards full of different affirmations. Easy to carry around on the go, you can store them in a purse, backpack, car, or desk drawer for quick access. Plus, you can shuffle them up to get a randomized affirmation whenever you feel like it. Or you can make a rotation for the week or month that gives you a sense of routine in your daily affirmations. There are tons of different options for designs and themes in your card deck affirmations, so choose one that fits who you are! 

pop-open affirmation cards

3. Pop-open affirmation cards

Pop-open affirmation cards are single-use cards with inspiring affirmations. They get their name from the way that you pop the card open - similar to a 2D advent calendar. These serve as a great way to keep affirmations fresh as you never know what one will say until you open it - it could be just what you need to hear! 

Consider scattering some pop-open cards around your house to spice up your day when you end up finding them later. These also make great gifts to friends whether you tuck it into a birthday card or slip it into their bag for them to find later. No matter how you look at it, pop-open affirmation cards bring a spontaneous side of affirmations to life. 

What else can I do with affirmation cards?

Beyond using affirmation cards for their main purpose, there are additional ways that you can use them to enrich your life. Get inspired by a few ideas below or get creative and make up your own! 

1. Display your affirmation cards for all to see! 

Turn a healthy habit into a fresh decor idea by placing a few affirmation cards around your space. The shower affirmation cards would be ideal for a easy way to spruce up your bathroom and regular printed cards would also be great pressed into the corner of a mirror or propped up on a bookcase. 

2. Share the love with a friend. 

This was mentioned above in the context of pop-open cards, but really, you can share any and all types of affirmation cards with a friend. In fact, it's a great way to let someone know you're thinking about them! 

woman standing in front of vision board

3. Use affirmation cards to create a vision board. 

Although the new year is well underway, it's never too late to create a vision board to outline your dreams and goals. Affirmation cards are a great way to encourage yourself to dream big and to express the thought patterns you want to bring into your next chapter of life. 

4. Use affirmation cards as a journaling prompt. 

If you're ready to take the next step with your daily affirmations, begin journaling about them! After saying them out loud, take a few minutes to write an honest reflection on how you are incorporating those words into your life and concept of self. Don't make it overly fancy or difficult; just the act of self-reflection and writing goes a long way even if it is just a few sentences!

No matter how you plan to use affirmation cards in the future, at Self-Care Shower, we are excited to offer shower affirmation cards, a unique and flexible way to bring affirmations into your daily life. Check out this product and many more fantastic self-care tools at our website.

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