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How Can I Use Eucalyptus to Decorate?

How Can I Use Eucalyptus to Decorate?

While eucalyptus has long been lauded for its amazing scent and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere in the bathroom, it has so many other amazing purposes. One of these is its versatility in decorating! During this holiday season, many of us are having more guests than usual from hosting Christmas parties to having extended family coming for gatherings and so much more. It's always fun to find some new ways to spice up your home with fresh decorating ideas and today we'll be diving into how to do just that with one of the easiest and freshest tools: eucalyptus! 

Spruce up a bathroom. 

This is, of course, the obvious idea and the concept on which Self-Care Shower is based. Eucalyptus is a natural way to spice up any bathroom. In fact, the classic way you've probably seen it displayed is hung over the showerhead or bathtub faucet. But what if you didn't have to limit your eucalyptus display to being in the bath or shower? Consider hanging eucalyptus over a corner of the mirror for an asymmetrical effect or adding a vase of it to your bathroom counter. You may even want to explore some nontraditional eucalyptus options such as the bath salt soak pack or essential oil pouches for an extra pizzazz. 

The effect: a fresh-smelling and aesthetically pleasing bathroom that will impress all your guests. 

eucalyptus centerpiece

Use it in a centerpiece. 

Christmas tree branches, holly, and berries may be some of the traditional ingredients to a killer holiday centerpiece, but eucalyptus can be the plant that sets your table setting apart this season. You can center your entire centerpiece around eucalyptus or use it as an accent piece this holiday season. A fresh eucalyptus bundle is perfect for either option. It will look great paired with a variety of items such as: 

-fruits (think oranges, cranberries, grapes, apples, etc.)

-autumn leaves, pine cones, or acorns

-flowers (roses, carnations, hydrangeas, you name it!)

-touches of holiday items (berries, Christmas baubles, mistletoe, etc.)

Also, don't be nervous to incorporate eucalyptus into other aspects of the dining room. Eucalyptus can be a part of a place setting not just the centerpiece experience!

The effect: a fresh take on a timeless tradition of having a centerpiece in the middle of the table. Don't be afraid to get creative and have fun with it! 

Incorporate it into a garland. 

While garlands don't have to be uniquely Christmas-y, it tends to end up that the long garlands full of greenery turn up only from Thanksgiving to New Years' Day. Typically made out of fir or cedar branches with perhaps a garnish of red berries here and there, eucalyptus is just waiting to produce a pop of a unique scent into the traditional garland. Whether it's displayed around your front door, along a staircase railing, or strewn across a builtin bookcase, eucalyptus can add that extra something to your garland. 

Here's how to make it stand out: 

-In a traditional greenery garland: tie some sprigs of fresh eucalyptus every foot or so along with some berries or another pop of color to create a more visually engaging garland. 

-In a garland made of something else (like popcorn, paper chains, etc.): incorporate eucalyptus throughout the garland for a touch of greenery. This could look like wrapping it through the paper chains or having mini-eucalyptus bouquets hanging every few inches between popcorn or paper links. 

Making a garland to hang up with eucalyptus is a great party activity idea as well. Think about getting some fun supplies and asking family or friends who may be visiting your home to help you craft the perfect, unique garland and make memories along the way as well. 

The effect: a fresh way to dress up your house for the holiday season!

eucalyptus wreath

Create a eucalyptus wreath.

Nobody ever said that your holiday wreath had to be made out of the cedar or fig branches that they sell at the Christmas tree lot. In fact, eucalyptus is an ideal indoor wreath especially because of its luscious scent and weeks-long lasting power. They're also very easy to make! Just make sure that you order enough fresh eucalyptus and have a hoop or something to wrap the eucalyptus around in a circular shape and you are all set to go. This article from Better Homes and Gardens lays out all the details you'll need. 

However, you also have some options for how to make your wreath stand out. You can: 

-get a gold round hoop and only do the eucalyptus around the bottom half, showcasing a more minimalistic look with the shiny gold hoop adding to the aesthetic. 

-choose to go for a more traditional look with the eucalyptus fulling circling the hoop 

-incorporate other greens into the wreath such as rosemary, evergreen branches, or whatever you think of! 

-add a red bow or other baubles to add the red aspect and make your wreath pop even more! 

The effect: something different for the holiday season that you can easily make yourself!

eucalyptus bouquet

Give the guest bedroom some love. 

If you're lucky enough to have a guest bedroom, this may be one of the few times a year that your guest bedroom sees a lot of visitors. So, of course, you want to make it look as special as possible! But that can be difficult to do when you're already busy decorating and touching up the rest of your home. Enter eucalyptus. This versatile plant makes for a great bouquet on the nightstand or dresser! It can also be hung on the back of the door for an extra boost of soothing fragrance; this is especially helpful if you struggle with a musty or stuffy guest room. If you're looking for an easy way to elevate your guest room look, look no further than the eucalyptus bundle. 

If you're looking for other options as well, consider adding some lavender buds to the closet, drawers, or even under the pillows for another fresh scent and sweet touch! 

The effect: a guest room that'll leave your guests wild for the eucalyptus scent! 

fireplace eucalyptus

Add it to your mantle. 

It seems obvious, but sometimes I forget to decorate everything but my fireplace mantle. While a garland can be a great accessory, sometimes you want something a bit more understated and that's where the eucalyptus comes in. Do you have a tall broad vase that eucalyptus would look good and last well in? Perhaps you could combine it with some reeds or other greens to create a cohesive look. You might also do a bundle draped artfully along the mantle to go with the rest of your decor such as candles, a clock, or some framed photographs. 

The effect: eucalyptus boosts even the most mundane of decor items and fits in well with a variety of other decorations. 


How can I make sure my eucalyptus lasts as long as possible?

Now that you're ready to purchase lots of eucalyptus to fill your house, make sure to follow a few simple instructions to maximize your purchase and the lasting tiem of your eucalyptus! Once you receive your eucalyptus, make sure to take it out of the box as soon as possible and trim the stems a short amount (1 inch is a good place to start). By trimming the ends of the stems, you are reopening the plant to receive water and nutrients by removing any air bubbles and creating a fresh passageway. The next step is to place your bundle in cool water to allow the plant to drink up and stock up on water in order to release its scent for as long as possible. Leaving the stems in water overnight is a good length of time for the process to take place. After that, you're all set to utilize your eucalyptus in any way you see fit! 

At Self-Care Shower, we are proud to offer fresh, locally grown and hand-picked eucalyptus for all your decorating needs. Run, don't walk, to get your fresh eucalyptus bundle for the perfect accent pieces this holiday season!

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