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How Can I Use Eucalyptus to Decorate?

How Can I Use Eucalyptus to Decorate? While eucalyptus has long been lauded for its amazing scent and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere in the bathroom, it has so many other amazing purposes. One of these is its versatility in decorating! During this holiday season, many of us are having more guests than usual from hosting Christmas parties to having extended family coming for gatherings and so much more. It's always fun to find some new ways to spice up your home with fresh decorating ideas and today we'll be diving into how to do just that with one of the easiest and freshest tools: eucalyptus! 


Self-Care and the Holidays

Self-Care and the Holidays Today marks the beginning of the two-week period stretching from the week before Christmas to just after New Years Day. This time period is often fraught with family visits, gatherings, and a departure from your normal routine in favor of special holiday traditions. So, how can you maintain your self-care routine between various holiday gatherings, breaks, and family time? Here are a few ideas that have helped me and those around me.