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Pure Lavender | Relaxing Aroma



**Dried Lavender Back In Stock

Our customers tell us ALL the time how relaxing and fresh our Lavender Bundles smell. Even better, they last for up to a month in the shower. They’re a perfect addition to any room, if you want to spice up your living spaces as well. Relieve the stress of the day with the best shower you've ever had! Nothing more relaxing than showering with a fresh bundle of awesome right next to you!

Thank you for your support as we keep our lavender crop healthy, we will be using dried lavender (fragrant!) for our bundles until peak bloom!

If you are looking for Eucalyptus and Lavender combination bundles click here, this bundle is lavender only.


  • Dried Aromatic Lavender
  • Can last as a freshener for over a month!
  • Try lavender in a vase, in the closet, or around the house