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What Is An Everything Shower?

What Is An Everything Shower?

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Ah, the everything shower. The catchphrase has grown in popularity over the past months and years as more and more TikTok influencers begin to reference the "everything shower" in their self-care practices, going-out preparations, and more. But what exactly is an everything shower? Let's unpack the everything shower and its many different applications to find a way to make this trend work for you!

I. What Is An Everything Shower?

For once, an everything shower is pretty much what it sounds like. This is a shower that takes showering to the next level by including, well, everything.

For example, instead of the standard quick lather and rinse, an everything shower incorporates self-care into the mix along with some extra rituals, depending on the person. For example, an everything shower might include a hair mask, exfoliating your skin, a few minutes of intentionally using cold water, taking time to shave, applying self-tanner, or all of the above! It can also include steps that occur before or after a shower such as moisturizing your entire body, doing a face mask, hair mask, or doing a DIY mani-pedi. You might also take some extra measures to set the scene, such as lighting a candle, using a special soap, turning on some favorite music, or using a shower steamer to infuse a pleasing atmosphere. The everything shower is all about transforming your routine shower into a luxurious, life-giving rhythm. 

There are no hard and fast rules as to what an everything shower should involve, but there are a wide variety of options to choose from! 

II. How Long Should An Everything Shower Take?

There is no specific time limit that an everything shower must take, but typically it will take longer than a regular shower because of the extra steps involved. Due to the drying effect that hot water can have on your skin over long periods of time, experts recommend limiting the amount of time under the shower head to fifteen minutes.


However, it's also important to remember that the time in the shower isn't the only factor to consider. If you're taking time to do a face mask, skin treatment like a facial or moisturizing, or other self-care, those will also require time outside of the in-shower time. Depending on what you decide to include in your everything shower, you may want to take into account those pre and post shower activities that contribute to the overall length of time you spend on the activity. 

III. How Often Should I Take An Everything Shower?

Very few people, if any, are taking an everything shower on the daily. After all, this is a fairly time-consuming process that is meant to be a special self-care activity, not a ridiculously long daily chore. Some people, like TikToker @sweat.w.sam carve out time for an everything shower once a week. Others may save it until they are getting ready for a special occasion. Still others plan for a once a month or do it spontaneously on a self-care night. Again, this is obviously up to your discretion. One of the best things about an everything shower is the flexibility; you can do it as often or as infrequently as you'd like. 

IV. How Can I Make My Everything Shower Routine? 

Making your own everything shower routine includes plenty of flexibility and personal choices based on your own likes and needs. 

First, you'll need to determine how frequently you want to make time for your everything shower. Is this a weekly Sunday night reset event? A monthly component of your self-care routine? There are a wide range of possibilities. 

affirmation card

Next, come up with a loose plan of your everything shower routine. There's no need to be rigid and create an unyielding plan that might stress you out, but coming up with a loose framework can help you to prepare properly. For example, if you want a self-tanner to be part of your everything shower, you might want to take note of that so you can make sure to have it on hand when the time comes. Similarly, if you want to include shower affirmation cards as part of your showering experience, you can go ahead and order some to be ready whenever you make time for your self-care shower night. Planning ahead will also help you to block off the appropriate amount of time. 

Finally, it's time to enjoy your everything shower! Take things slow, set the mood with a fresh eucalyptus bundle, maybe a shower steamer, and some encouraging affirmation cards with some soothing music in the background and drink the relaxation in. 

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Self-Care Shower Stock Photo

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