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What Are Lavender Buds Used For?

What Are Lavender Buds Used For?

Lavender is a well known herb known for its pleasing scent and wide variety of uses from improving sleep quality and reducing stress and so much more. You are likely familiar with the traditional lavender bundle, but did you know that there is an additional option for bringing lavender into your home? Enter dried lavender buds!

Dried from the buds of blooms that grow on the lavender plant, lavender buds are an excellent and compact way to bring the scent of lavender into your home. Their uses are wide and varied, so let’s explore some of the best ways to put them to work in your house!

How Can I Use Lavender Buds for Self-Care? 

Lavender brings a calming aroma and multitude of benefits for your body so it is only natural that lavender buds would be useful in promoting your own self-care. Here are a few examples of how to use lavender buds in your self-care routine.

Put it under your pillow for improved sleep quality.

One of lavender’s most sought-after benefits is that it can help lull you to sleep and increase the quality of that sleep. Not only does it help to reduce anxiety which can help you to fall asleep sooner, it also works with the neurotransmitter GABA to quiet the brain and induce slow-wave sleep (also known as deep sleep) which is some of the deepest and most restorative sleep. This period of sleeping is when important functions such as memory, processing, growth, and the repairing of damaged tissues, muscles, and bones occur. 

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To reap these shut-eye benefits, simply place a drawstring-bag filled with lavender buds either inside your pillowcase or under your pillow for benefits throughout the night.

Add lavender buds to your bathroom. 

There’s nothing like having a relaxing and clean scent in your bathroom to give you some much-needed aromatherapy and relaxation. After all, smells have a powerful impact on our psyche. For more on the science behind how smell affects your mood, read this article from Whole Home Scenting. Therefore, adding lavender buds to your bathroom can add some positive impacts to your mood which will translate into a better all-around day.  And all you have to do is add some lavender buds in a cute drawstring bag to your bathroom space, where steam will release an even more powerful scent from the buds. If that isn’t easy self-care, what is?

How can I use lavender buds around the house?

Lavender buds aren’t just useful for self-care though. They can also emanate pleasing smells throughout your house and provide valuable decorative contributions. Let’s explore some more ways to use lavender buds throughout your home. 

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Make your laundry smell like lavender with dryer bags. 

The fresh, clean smell of newly dried laundry is like no other. Most of us appreciate that crisp scent, but what if it could be enhanced by an understated lavender scent? That way, your clothes, towels, or sheets can be imprinted with a relaxing lavender aroma straight out of the dryer. To achieve this, simply put a drawstring bag full of lavender buds into the dryer with your items and wait for the results. Think of it as a dryer sheet 2.0 and enjoy the rewards of a lavender bud laundry experience!

Use lavender buds as part of your centerpiece and other decor. 

While lavender buds aren’t what you traditionally picture when it comes to a lovely centerpiece, they can be the accenting touch that sets it off and emits a lovely fragrance in the process. If your decorations involve any bowls, twigs, berries, or other small objects, lavender buds might be the perfect extra accessory. If not, you can always consider laying out some pretty bowls with lavender buds in them or simply display a sachet bag with lavender buds for some extra embellishment in your space.

Add lavender buds to enclosed spaces for odor control.

Does your closet ever get to smelling musty? Or perhaps your desk drawers smell a little too ‘pencil-y?’ Use lavender buds in a sachet drawstring bag to spice things up as the scent of lavender overcomes the other odors present. You can use lavender buds in any enclosed space to either drown out an offending odor or just add something fresh to a non-fragrant area.

Add lavender buds to your coffee.

lavender buds on top of coffee

Are you obsessed with lavender coffee? Did you know that you can make it yourself with lavender buds for an extra aesthetic touch? There are three main ways that you can add a touch of natural lavender buds to your morning cup of joe. 

First, you can sprinkle the buds on top of your coffee. This is the simpler method that doesn’t require much prep or a recipe - just you doing some fun sprinkling! Another option is to grind up the lavender buds into a powder and then add it to your coffee grounds for a more holistic blend that will spread the lavender taste throughout your coffee. 

Finally, you can grind the lavender up together with your coffee beans if that is how you prefer to make your coffee. No matter how you do it, adding lavender buds to your coffee can elevate the experience and add a little extra pep in your step!

Furthermore, you can add lavender to your cooking anytime. It is generally a safe herb to eat and there are a multitude of ways to add it to your repertoire! Just make sure that you have an edible variety and you should be good to go. Check out these ideas from LetsFoodie for more on how to use lavender in the kitchen. 

How can I use lavender buds outside? 

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We’ve discussed how to use lavender buds for your own self-care as well as around the house, but what if I told you that there were multiple uses of lavender buds for your yard and outdoor activities as well? Let’s dive into a couple of the big ones. 

Use lavender buds as an insect repellent. 

Although fall can be an ideal time for an outdoor gathering, pesky insects like mosquitoes can put a damper on things quickly. Here is where lavender buds can save the day once again. Lavender is a natural insect repellent and just adding some to your pockets or incorporating it into a spray bottle can be a gamechanger for your outdoor activities.

Use lavender buds in the garden. 

While plenty of things can be made into a personal insect repellent, lavender buds can also be a long-lasting and effective ingredient in gardens to protect against other pests such as aphids, fleas, flies, gnats, and more. Try spreading some around your garden and wait for the results!

No matter which ways you plan to use dried lavender buds, rest assured that there are plenty of options to choose from. At Self-Care Shower, we offer dried lavender buds in a 4 cup bag that also comes with 3 drawstring bags, perfect for dividing up your cache of buds to use any way you choose. We also offer additional lavender products such as lavender soap and essential oils. No matter what you choose, add lavender to your home with a Self-Care Shower lavender product, sustainably hand-picked and grown in the United States!

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