Self-Care Shower

Why Self-Care Shower?

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Sourced from California (primary) and North Carolina (secondary)

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Compared to other bundles...

We bundle many eucalyptus branches in each bundle to give you the most fragrant bundle. Often our customers are surprised at how much they get! Check out our instagram @theselfcareshower to see real photos from customers!

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We even compared it for you!

Check out this comparison photo between our lavender bundle and another bundle. You decide! We pride ourself on our customer satisfaction as well so we can always help if there are issues with your order.

Our Service


After you place your order, we are always available to answer questions at


If there are any issues with your order or USPS we can help resolve them right away! Most of our customers are very happy with their fresh bundle!


Your showers are now amazing. Our bundles can last for up to 3 weeks or more in the shower. Be sure to check in your box for a special discount code!

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